DOSITO is always striving to achieve the best possible soultion for your online needs. Continue reading to learn more or contact DOSITO.DOSITO strävar alltid efter att skapa den bästa lösningen för dina onlinebehov. Fortsätt läsa för att veta mer eller kontakta DOSITO.


DOSITO was founded in 2014 by me, Olle Fagerlin,  as a way of enabling me to work with multiple clients and projects at the same time. The company is based in Hong Kong (where I currently live), but when founded I was residing in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I try to make all my commitments long term beleiving that a stable relationship between you and me will be mutally benefitial, but I also understand that sometimes ad-hoc solutions and quick fixes are a must and I have absolutely no problem with that.

No matter what your needs migh be, I’m sure I, on behalf of DOSITO, can help you with that.

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